In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it's easy to forget how precious and free we really are. Sacred Spiral Adventures was created to share experiences that remind us of our natural wildness and joy, expand our sense of what is possible, and strengthen our bond with ourselves, our world, and one another.  

Relentless sun, extreme temperatures, and powerful winds and floods make the desert a harsh environment. Adaptation here requires

creativity, ingenuity,  and fearlessness. You can't hide in the desert ~ not even from yourself.

Joshua Tree, California has a rich history as a spiritual and creative center. It is also a world-class outdoor destination, featuring unique geology, wildlife, and outdoor activities.   

Our Day Trip Adventures 

make the most of your experience in Joshua Tree, featuring Yoga, Hiking, Scrambling, and other curated adventures led by expert guides in the serenity of Joshua Tree National Park. If you'd like to create a custom outing, please write us with your ideas!


If you'd like Yoga to come to you during your stay in the Hi-Desert, you can book a Yoga class at your location.

And, the desert has become a popular Bachelorette option. We offer special Bach packages for your celebration!