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Word as Medicine

Some sentences, passages, stories, poems radiate warmth and healing energy because they were written with that energy. They illustrate, once again, that the what is just one instance of the how—one particle of that wave coming into being on the day, at the moment, that it did.

I can feel the presence of such kindness and strength in this message from Emmanuel. Ease up, he’s saying. Lighten the load. All is well.

Some Things To Remember:

You do not have to prepare for life.

You do not have to avoid life.

You do not have to monitor life.

You do not have to solve life.

You do not have to protect life.

You do not have to fear life.

The issues of life are of no importance.

The essence of all things

must be sought with a loving heart.

What seems to be is not.

What you seek outside, you already own.

The gathering of all experience

is only to know the nature

of the Love therein.

Enjoy the journey.

Your return tickets Home

are guaranteed.

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